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The Vishnu Properties team has been very astute in advising our investors on the right opportunities. The time and the location, both have to be perfect for an investor to get his ROI , and we at the Vishnu Properties are very mindful of that.

There are approximately 4.4million people of Indian origin in the US and UK alone. The Indian community is above the national average in these countries on various parameters like home ownership, higher education and household income.

In spite of being affected by the global economic turmoil, the Indian real estate sector has still managed to generate attractive returns over the last three years. NRI/PIO"s in these countries have traditionally been investing in the local real estate for high return on their Investments, but in the current recessionary times, property investment climate has become very weak in the UK and US.

This has resulted in a growing interest in the Indian realty sector, that is being fuelled by the high economic growth rate. Investments in this sector are continuing to deliver highly attractive. Returns on a medium to long-term basis.The real estate is one of the sectors that have driven India"s transition to a higher growth trajectory.

If you decide to invest with us, please contact us for detailed discussions on:

          Can an NRI invest in a Real Estate Project in India?
          will the NRI make investment in a Project?
          What Approvals have to be taken?
          Tax Regime in India?
          What will Repatriation be handled?